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Today’s Air Force is a modern and dynamic part of the New Zealand Defence Force. It delivers military air operations in New Zealand and round the globe to advance New Zealand’s security interests and protect its people.


The RNZAF is characterised by its swift response, long reach and ability to adapt to a range of contingencies...



We recognise that while we will never be a large Army, we can provide our chosen capabilities to a world-class standard.


Every time our capabilities are tested on operations or exercises, we aim to perform as well as (or better than) our coalition partners in the selected capabilities we specialise...




Our Vision is “to be the best small-nation Navy in the world,” reflecting the unique nature of our business upon the oceans.


Our Mission states the purpose of our navy: To contribute to the security and prosperity of all New Zealanders through the delivery of versatile, responsive, and effective Maritime Military Capability across the spectrum of operations...



Welcome to the East Coast Bays RSA! 

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The East Coast Bays RSA was established in 1925  in Bute Road, Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. A new building was built on the site in 1997 but was severly damaged by fire in May 2015. After refurbishment, the financial writing was on the wall, as with many clubs and the building was sold.


In February 2018 we collocated with the Browns Bay Bowling Club who have warmly welcomed our members to our new home.  ANZAC day was a huge success with volunteers from the Bowling Club making a major contribution to that success.


We have a current membership in excess of 1200 members, comprising of Returned Services, Services, Ex-Services Personnel , and Associate Members.


Our club night is on a Friday and with members of the Bowling Club we remember the fallen and recite the "Ode".









OFFICE: 09 478 8033

EMAIL: ecbrsa@xtra.co.nz


WEBSITE: www.ecbrsa.co.nz